Energy-proof your home

A caulking gun can get the job done

If you’re looking for a really useful home improvement project that doesn’t require a big investment of time or money but still offers a big payback in results, look no further than a Saturday with a caulking gun. A day spent closing up those energy-wasting gaps and cracks around your home will pay back great dividends in improved comfort and lower utility bills.

Gather up the supplies
You’ll need only a few tools and supplies for this project. For most of the gaps you’ll encounter, caulking will do the trick, so first you’ll want to invest in a good caulking gun. You can get a cheap one with a fixed barrel and a ratcheting plunger, which is easily recognized by the series of notches cut into the plunger’s shaft, but they don’t work well, and tend to apply an uneven bead.