Fallen tree sparks property value dispute

Homeowner says replacement bush won't suffice

DEAR BENNY: Recently a storm knocked over a 20-foot-tall, beautiful pine tree in front of my condo unit, which has changed the front appearance and view of my unit. Citing lack of funds, the board of directors has planted a small bush where the tree once stood. It seems to me that I am entitled to a similar tree to maintain the original appearance present when I purchased the unit five years ago. –Mike

DEAR MIKE: I agree that a bush is not a tree, and clearly changes the appearance of your house. But I cannot agree that you are entitled to a similar tree. The board of directors has the right to make a business decision. They did not have the funds required for the tree, and you are bound by their decision.

One suggestion: If you really want a tree, why not buy one and arrange to plant it yourself?