Rethink, rearrange, but don't relocate

Book Review: 'Right-Sizing Your Home: How to Make Your House Fit Your Lifestyle'

One trend that I have loved over the last few years is the increasing acceptability of making up your own words. If no word in the English language exists to quite capture your meaning, it gets more OK every year to coin one yourself! And so it is with the recent addition to the real estate lingo list: "right-sizing."

Moving into a larger home, or "moving up," seems generally to have a connotation of expansiveness, promotion or increased prosperity. On the flip side, though, the phrase "downsizing," when applied to moving into a smaller house, often carries with it an inaccurate connotation from the use of the term in the corporate world, meaning cutting the budget, packing it in and often even a fall in fortunes.