Thoughts on real estate advice and social media

From Future of Real Estate Marketing

One thing social media comes with a lot of is advice.

I hear the word "should" a lot in conversations about how real estate professionals are shifting their thinking about their online marketing. There’s a lot of conflicting conversations directed at them from "gurus," "evangelists," "jedis" and "ninjas." I was recently presented with a business card that read, "Sales Assassin." Really?

I asked if it was supposed to read, "Sales Association" and if there’d been a mix-up at the printers. I received an eye roll for my curiosity.

I hear that "your blog is the cornerstone of your business" or "you really should get into the Foursquare thing," and "if you’re not on Twitter, your business is dead in three years." Very often the agent is left feeling confused, overwhelmed and simply not knowing where to start. Is this you?