Real estate rewards for cash buyers

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Q: Is it a good idea to pay cash for a house? --Tricia, Tennessee A: The wisdom of buying a home with cash vs. with mortgage financing depends a lot on the home and the financials of its buyer. For one thing, it certainly creates a massive sense of security and stability to own your home outright, with no mortgage. In fact, that is the ultimate goal of many homeowners: to pay their mortgage off and live without the burden of a monthly rent or mortgage payment. So on a fundamental, almost visceral level, that is one major advantage to buying a home with cash. But from a more nuanced, financial perspective, there are a number of considerations a smart buyer should take into account when making this decision. First off, cash homebuyers get the best deals. They are able to negotiate lower prices, in many cases, and better terms than buyers who are relying on a home loan to buy their home.Cash empowers buyers (and their homes' sellers) to avoid much of the rigmarole and seeming...