A riches-to-rags life lesson

Book Review: 'The Bag Lady Papers: The Priceless Experience of Losing it All'

This time last year, many an economist was heralding the recession as having ended sometime in 2009, a sentiment with which many an American consumer begged to differ.

Now, though, many feel that the recession may truly have ended or be ending, but this is a begrudging acknowledgment, accompanied as it is with the realization that this next four or five years might very well look like what we once thought of as recessionary, in that home prices, jobs and available credit will grow — if at all — very, very slowly in the coming years.

Even with that understanding, though, there are many, many people out there making the decision and taking the steps to grow and evolve their lives in spite of the lingering market doldrums, some even inspired by the very recession that knocked their lives off-kilter in the first place.