Real estate resolutions to live by

Mood of the Market

I adore New Year’s. I love the opportunity for a ceremonial replay of the year and summary of all the wins, fails, surprises and lessons that took place.

Even more, I adore the fact that I have the rare chance to press pause, giving me the rare mental and energetic space for some deep thought and dreaming, and some cosmic churning up of big visions, dreams and plans for the coming 12 months — most often, a vision that is more likely to happen because it is enriched from its birth with the lessons of what did and didn’t work the year before. It’s a symbolic fresh start, reset button and launchpad, all in one.

But my own New Year’s process this year made me wonder: What if we could also reset our national mindset around real estate? Clearly, the market has done an epic reset of its own, sweeping toxic mortgages off of Wall Street and unsustainable home loans and unaffordable homes right out from under the families who lived in them, on Main Street (and thereabouts).