3 best buys at salvage yards

These quality items just need a little TLC

Suppose there was a place you could buy high-quality building products at fire-sale prices, and do it in the greenest possible manner to boot? Well, there is such a place — it’s your local architectural salvage yard. If you can live with a few little nicks and scratches, you may be amazed at the bargains you come across.

What? Build your esteemed project with someone else’s castoffs? Well, yes. And there are three good reasons to do so.

First, the quality of older building materials is often superior to what you’ll find at modern home improvement stores.

Second, salvaged items typically sell at discounts of 50 to 90 percent off new prices (some items are in fact brand-new products misordered by contractors, rejected by customers, or discontinued by their manufacturers — occasionally, they’re still in their original shipping containers).