Debt elimination with a twist

Book Review: 'Debt Free for Life: The Finish Rich Plan for Financial Freedom'

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CORRECTION: The original version of this column contained an error. Debt Wise is a product offered by Equifax.

Book Review
Title: "Debt Free for Life: The Finish Rich Plan for Financial Freedom"
Author: David Bach
Publisher: Crown Business, 2010; 288 pages; $19.99

If you’re interested in personal finance, and you don’t know who David Bach is — well, given his run as the author of eight best-selling books on how to "Finish Rich," (his brand’s name and promise) it’s just highly unlikely that you’re both interested in money matters and ignorant of Mr. Bach.

He’s published bestsellers on how smart women, couples and even older people can "finish rich." Bach is on NBC’s Today Show weekly, and makes regular appearances on Oprah, coaching consumers to improve their financial lives.