Real estate honesty is best policy

Mood of the Market

If you know me, you know one of my favorite self-help reads is the Louise Hay classic, "You Can Heal Your Life." ("Woo-woo" alert issued now.) The book is known as one of the first bestsellers to truly acknowledge and explore the mind-body connection.

In fact, Hay even has a chart at the end of the book listing various medical symptoms or illness, the mental or psychological issue that frequently underlies it, and an affirmation that can help change that mental pattern and, as a result, cure the symptom.

In Hay’s diagnostic system, chronic throat issues can indicate that the sufferer has a pattern of stifling back their opinions, thoughts or even needs. The prescription? This affirmation (among other things): I speak up for myself freely and easily.

In this, the third of four articles on the fundamental elements of being a successful real estate consumer, I submit that speaking up for oneself freely and easily is one of these fundamentals.