Real estate skills and lessons: there's a difference

How you react to failed sales will shape your career

The sharper the skills ax, the more you need to swing it, no matter what.

A question: What is best advice you would give to a new agent coming into real estate today?

In a recent poll with 45 respondents, 34 agents said they would advise: provide great customer service. Others said that following up with a prospective client, or learning to qualify a buyer, is the advice they would offer.

They all basically recommended a skill, which is OK, but in my experience my best advice was not a skill — it was a lesson.

When I entered real estate 35 years ago, I ask this very question of my sales manager, Chet VanScoy, and I expected him to say something like, "Be a good closer," "Learn to overcome objections," and the like.

But that is not what he said. He gave me some great advice that hit me at my point of need, because I am an impatient person.