Real estate technology: from Androids to 'fax-a-mile' machines

Adoption of new tools is all relative

New technology is awesome. I video chatted with my brother in Korea earlier this week and we both laughed at Charlie Sheen’s latest tweets. (Man, if only I could garner over a million followers in 24 hours …)

My brother really knows what he’s doing. He sends me techno-updates on par with the folks at Gizmodo, and I try valiantly to keep up, if only with the lingo.

When he comes to town, I beg him to update my iPod account and download some movies for me to watch — that’s how lame I am. See, he’s 25 and in a completely different generation than me. Lucky fellow; we were still using floppy disks when I graduated from college.

But I have a leg up on my parents for sure, although they are both starting to experiment with the 21st century. Dad has just discovered smart phones. He called me today from his rotary phone to tell me about this device called the "Android," or "Droid" for short.