Real estate marketing and leads: a rent-vs.-own analysis

Letters From the Home Front

Warning: This column includes words such as "lead," "convert" and "prospect," and, as such, may not be suitable for all audiences — particularly those who remember that there is a real, live person tethered to the end of the real estate transaction.

"You vill buy zee ad!" said my account executive. Suddenly overcome with a sense of unease, I pictured a shadowy, underworld figure who just might have access to weapons of mass destruction — like my mother-in-law’s turkey meatloaf.

"I will buy the ad or what?" I thought. My business will vaporize? I will live out my golden years in a miserable vortex of anonymity? The hostages will die?

Ah, the advertising conundrum. There are an ever-increasing number of opportunities to promote my services and my brand — opportunities that are expanding exponentially while my advertising budget is sadly somewhat finite.

So, on a daily basis, I have to consider where I am spending and whether my investment would be better off redirected. And if we are to believe the sales pitches, we have a second choice: just spend more.