9 steps to the American Dream

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Book Review Title: "The Money Class" Author: Suze Orman Publisher: Spiegel & Grau, 2011; 304 pages; $26 "The American Dream is dead." That's the provocative headline that topped some news stories announcing Suze Orman's book tour for her latest release, "The Money Class." The headline belied a core message of the book, as reflected in its subtitle: "Learn to Create Your New American Dream." Read "The Money Class" and you'll see -- Orman's message is less that the American Dream is dead, but that it's molting. If it's dead or dying, it's doing so in order that a new dream can be born, Orman argues.Orman sets the book up by quoting stats and trends to make her case that the dream is dead. And that's not hard to do -- rampant unemployment, foreclosure and bankruptcy rates at the end of last year, when the book was written, were all at all-time or lifetime record highs. The book presents a laundry list of ways in which t...