Groupon for real estate?

HouseTipper lets agents test group coupon offers

Real estate agents and mortgage brokers should be able to use online coupon services like Groupon to generate leads, although building a large enough subscriber base will present challenges, according to "social commerce" consultant Pat Kitano.

Kitano, the founding principal of Domus Consulting Group, blogs that a "real estate Groupon" would have the same mission as other online lead-generation techniques — "driving the active client out of the woodwork" — by offering cost savings.

He notes that there’s already a collective buying platform for real estate, HouseTipper, that works like Groupon. HouseTipper says it negotiates discounted deals with developers, real estate agents and property managers. A minimum number of vouchers must be sold before the deal is "tipped," the consumer is charged, and coupons sent by email.