QR code opportunities in real estate

What to know about potential uses vs. problems

I just couldn’t resist it any longer. Every time I go to a conference or open my Twitter stream someone is talking about them. You know what I’m talking about: QR codes. Sometimes the conversations about them get really involved.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, QR codes (QR stands for "quick response") are those square "bar-codey" things you see popping up on business cards, signs and other printed real estate materials. These things were designed for use in warehouses and look like it, too.

When you run into someone who has just blown a wad of cash implementing some sort of QR code solution, he or she usually starts with something like, "These are really big in Japan."

Here’s the basic breakdown of how QR codes work in a typical real estate setting:

-Real estate professional pays someone for a bunch of QR codes to print on printed stuff like business cards or signs.

-A customer sees the QR code — in the real world, away from their laptop — and scans it.

-A Web page opens on the customer’s phone.