Owning Mexican real estate still a safe bet

Expats enjoy strong rental demand, fewer safety issues than U.S.

A presenter at the Mexico Resort Development Conference in San Diego asked anyone in the room to stand up if they knew of any good news regarding the tourism/housing market in Mexico. More people stood to tell their stories than time allowed.

The presenter ended with: "See, there is good news out there — but what is anyone doing to promote it?"

As I explored in another column, not all of Mexico is awash in blood and drugs. Much of the violence occurs in border towns, downtown Mexico City, and in the community of Culiacan, two hours north of Mazatlan.

In recent months, drug-related violence has also surfaced in Acapulco. However, much of the country remains a laid-back, comfortable place to live and visit, with inexpensive housing and a low cost of living. The flow of North American traffic to Mexico increased, in fact, in the last quarter of 2010.