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It has been an incomparable season for primetime reality shows. First, "The Bachelor" Brad chooses a woman who wants to work on their relationship before marriage (what?), then Kirstie Alley is dumped on the ground while dancing, and then -- unbelievably -- Pia Toscano is booted from "American Idol." Unthinkable, people.

As if we don't have enough to worry about (economy, Middle East, nuclear meltdown) now we must wonder why such a talented and beautiful young lady got booted off before the smirk-leaning cowboy. Some blame her ill-fitting unitard and lack of "performance."

Some say the song "River Deep, Mountain High" is too complicated in both verse and rhythm for the younger voters (honest, I read that online). Others, like me, place the blame squarely on the judges. Randy, you've lost your nerve. Steven, you are nothing but a colorful limerick. And "J Lo" (Jennifer Lopez), I blame you entirely ...