Techie turns trustee sales into online real estate auctions

Founder tests bidding service in Arizona

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Hey, eBay fans out there: What if you could buy trustee-sale homes through the same kind of online auction format that you purchase Captain America comic books, black velvet paintings and Cloisonne vases? Wouldn't that be amazing?  Because, let's face it, running around town to courthouse steps or some attorney's office in the suburbs to bid on a foreclosed property is pretty darn annoying. Sure, you may get that $400,000 house for $200,000, but it takes a lot of horsepower, not to mention intense of knowledge of the arcane, trustee-sale process imposed differently by every state. Dan Mayes has a better idea and he's now test-running it in Arizona. While the name, Dan Mayes, may not be familiar to many, back in the day when he was a senior vice president for high-tech incubator Walker Digital LLC, it spun off into the market a company called In fact, Mayes was responsible for creating the financial settlement technology that forms the hotel ser...