You've filed your taxes: Now what?

Real Estate Tax Talk

Tax time is over, but tax questions continue. Two of the most common questions taxpayers ask after they’ve filed their tax returns relate to their refunds and their records.

Where is my refund?

If you were entitled to a refund, you’d probably like to know when it will be paid. If you electronically filed your return, you can find out when you are supposed to get your refund by checking the 2011 Internal Revenue Service e-file Refund Cycle Chart. This chart shows the dates refunds are supposed to be paid by the IRS.

For example, if you e-filed your return between April 14 and April 21, you’re supposed to get paid your refund by May 6, 2011. If you e-filed before April 14, you should have been paid your refund already.

If you filed a paper return, your refund will take much longer to process — at least three or four weeks.