5 killer SEO resources

Get your website in gear for better rankings

Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical to most businesses today, and real estate is no exception. With more than 90 percent of buyers utilizing the Internet to search for a home, optimizing your website for search engines is imperative. Google states that it "has more real estate searches than other search engines combined, and more unique visitors than all real estate-specific websites."

Search is a dynamic industry comprised of many components, and there are a handful of trusted resources that I use to stay up to date on techniques, strategies and industry news. Here are five helpful resources that I recommend:

1. Google Webmaster Central
Google Webmaster Central is an essential tool for any website owner. It’s a robust application that allows you to view how Google crawls, ranks and indexes your website. And best of all: it’s free. There is a slight overlap in data between Google Analytics and Webmaster Central, but both tools are crucial to managing SEO.

Unlike Google Analytics, there is no tracking code that needs to placed on your website. There is just a verification process to prove site ownership. This can be accomplished by creating a DNS record in your registrar, and instructions are included.