3 essentials to make a house a home

Mood of the Market

Last week, we completed a deep dive into what real estate consumers — a term I use to include everyone who pays for housing, whether they rent or own their homes, whether they are contemplating buying or selling or walking away — really want, inspired by author Meir Statman’s recent parallel exploration into "What Investors Really Want."

The parallels between the desires of human beings who invest in traded assets, fine wines and films as compared with those people who "invest" money in real estate are innumerable.

But there is one area in which our cravings as housing consumers have no parallel in the other investment asset classes, arising from the fact that our homes are not just investments — they are the places in which we live. (I don’t, for example, know anyone who lives inside their stock portfolio.)

Have you ever had that experience where you hear yourself say a word, then repeat it aloud or in your head, then type it and read it and say it again, maybe even spell-checking it to make sure you do have it right, marveling the whole while at how strange, as a matter of actual fact, the word "that" or "detergent" really is?