Clareity Security offers listings monitoring and compliance tool

'SAFE Syndication' to be integrated into ListHub

Clareity Security, which provides user authentication and "single sign-on" services for multiple listings services, has rolled out a new product intended to help MLSs make sure users are complying with publishing standards and rules governing the distribution of listings.

Clareity Security says its SAFE Syndication compliance management tool will provide integration with industry technology platforms, including ListHub, the largest online syndicator of real estate listings to real estate websites.

Data collected and delivered on behalf of MLSs syndicating through ListHub will be integrated into SAFE Syndication, and ListHub Publisher Scorecards will also be accessible via SAFE Syndication.

Both companies "are working together on a method for watermarking syndicated MLS data and detecting its unauthorized use," Clareity Security said.

"ListHub and Clareity Security offer complementary services that will help MLSs generate exposure for brokers and their listings while ensuring the appropriate use of their valuable content," said Errol Samuelson, chief revenue officer of ListHub operator Move Inc., in a statement.