Roles blur when friends, family are clients

Lessons learned in the school of Hard 'Mother-In-Law' Knocks

We can all agree that real estate is a relationship-based business, right?

We mine our personal circles of family, friends and acquaintances to procure the next deal. We invest time and money in massaging those relationships. And for most of us, I’d say it’s a natural talent; Realtors are, by and large, a group of "People-Persons."

Yep, take an informal poll of your office. I’d bet big money that 80 percent of the agents are Labrador retrievers, sanguines, extroverts, Southerners, fun country — it doesn’t matter which personality profile test you use, the results are always the same.

We’ve never met a stranger and we love a good party. I may make fun of the bright lipstick, big jewelry and flashy cars, but that’s only because I can see the humor in my penchant for disco balls and sequins.

I digress.