Dishing about hashtags

Weighing real estate options for Twitter-friendly pound sign

Today #myhusband and I were discussing how the #Internet is changing the way we communicate. Just over breakfast we #realized that our friends were not #mistyping everything they tweeted — they were purposefully using these #poundsign things to say something. #Butwhat? Neither of us knew.

I said I would #researchpoundsigns and get back to him. Meanwhile, would he mind downloading some #newmusic for my #ipod? He looked at me quizzically. "#Music? From online? You mean those MP3 thingies?"

"Yes," I replied.

"How about I buy you #SatelliteRadio instead?" he offered.

"Perfect," I replied, secretly relieved that I would not have to remember my #itunes account information from 2003.

So while he researched #Siriusradio packages, I Googled "pound signs." Nothing looked relevant. I added "Twitter" to the search parameters.