Karate real estate

In this market, bold moves may win attention

I had the most glorious Fourth of July weekend. I took the entire three-day weekend off and lounged poolside at a beautiful golf community not far from home.

Of course, as a Realtor it is really hard to take time "off," as demonstrated by my self-imposed silence when an out-of-state vacationer at the pool began giving the rest of us a lesson in Oregon real estate.

Oh, I wanted to butt in — I really did. But I didn’t. I dug my fingernails into my People magazine and took another swig of Diet Coke.

Anyway, I was having a lot more fun watching an awkward melodrama unfold in the pool. A blossoming 14-year-old girl and her best friend were trying to stay atop a large inflatable whale while a hyperventilating 13-year-old boy bobbed alongside in the deep end, desperate to start a conversation somehow. He had very thoughtful advice.