Talking about a real estate revolution

Could discontent lead brokers to break away from MLS?

SAN FRANCISCO — A broker revolt over multiple listing service policies could become a reality if the playing field among brokerages is perceived to be uneven, and some participants in a two-day Data Summit event also suggested that a new national entity be established to help the industry manage its data.

In referencing a controversial franchisor IDX (Internet Data Exchange) policy that was approved by the National Association of Realtors in November 2010 and amended in May 2011, Robert Moline, president and chief operating officer for Home Services of America, said that "each and every broker has always had their own choice on where their data went," while the controversial policy — still under review — could dictate "where your data is going to go."

He added, "If it gets to the point that brokers are paying the cost, and getting very little … (they) are going to move. Not all brokers will agree, but enough will that I think you’ll see some major changes for MLSs.

"If they’re pushed far enough, some brokers will show leadership," Moline said. "A lot of things will change, at the end of the day."