Know thy real estate customer

Those who hesitate may be lost

Participating in the Inman News Data Summit and Real Estate Connect last week, with all the hanging out and meeting and greeting and talking, was exhausting. Or maybe exhaustive. Either way, as someone who enjoys being surrounded by knowledge and experience, it was great.

Whenever all of us — technologists, consultants, real estate professionals, company owners, brokers, franchisees and franchisors — get together, I notice that certain questions tend to crop up.

The question I listened to most often throughout the entire week — from Data Summit on Monday and Tuesday through to Friday afternoon waiting for my flight, was this: Who is your customer?

Now that’s a pretty simple little question. Perhaps it should have an obvious two- or three-word answer, and not an entire five days of discussion, presentation and debate. But then again, maybe it’s a little bit more subtle.