Win real estate clients without talking shop

Happy Grasshopper's quirky emails keep agents 'top of mind'

I’m the first to admit that I don’t understand how it works, but the real estate professionals who use Happy Grasshopper, an email messaging service, are, well, happy with it.

The Port Richey, Fla., startup uses emails to help brokers and agents keep in touch with their clients by creating the messages and managing the sending of those messages. In short, Happy Grasshopper takes all the work — for a modest fee — out of the hands of those generally too busy to keep up a constant flow of communication.

The part that confounds me is that Happy Grasshopper is seemingly effective although none of its messages are about real estate, data or market circumstances. They are, instead, obtuse and quirky, or as co-founder and CEO Dan Stewart likes to say, "fun and friendly."