Real estate agents: Get over your smartphone hang-ups

A life lesson in being unavailable

Last week my husband and I took our very first family vacation with our new little one, and on the second day away from home my cell phone suddenly stopped working. It offered no warning or explanation for its deadness. (Personally, I think it was made to break two weeks before my upgrade.)

So I found myself without mobile access to the multiple listing service and my email, documents, faxes, phone, address book, calendar, blog feeds, GPS, camera, Facebook and TweetDeck accounts — I had nothing!

I did find a phone plugged into a wall with a handset as big as my head, but I couldn’t remember my own office number. What to do … what to do?

The nearest Verizon store was 35 miles away, but the thought of spending even one of my precious vacation days in manmade purgatory didn’t jibe. I stood there in the hallway, cradling my dear departed Droid and wondering what would happen next.

I stood there a long time.