10 must-see real estate makeovers

Book Review: 'The Best Homes from This Old House'

Book Review
Title: "The Best Homes from This Old House"
Author: Kevin O’Connor
Publisher: Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 2011; 228 pages; $35

Whether your normal preferences in reality TV fare run toward something starring a member of that ubiquitous reality show family that shall not be named (hint: starts with K), or "Ice Road Truckers," nature shows or the bizarrely fascinating "Pawn Stars," it’s difficult not to get sucked into "This Old House" if you should come across it channel surfing.

The show is an institution, sure, but it also consistently presents the very best of real estate eye candy.

And while you won’t see any pimped-out mega-Mansions or Versace toilets, what you will see is the best of classic American architecture, lovingly and painstakingly restored.

The show tends to focus on the restoration process itself, versus the finished product, until the credits roll over the top of footage of the amazing results of the crew’s labor.