Rent break for waiting on repairman?

Tenant demands compensation for 2 days of 'lost wages'

Q: A tenant who rents a house from me is requesting that I allow her to deduct lost wages from her rent. She notified me that her air conditioner was not working properly. I immediately called the home warranty company who sent out a technician as soon as it could that same day.

(The technician) made the repair, but the air conditioner began malfunctioning again shortly after he left. I then called an air conditioner repair company who came out and replaced another malfunctioning part the next day. I responded as quickly as was humanly possible.

On the first of the month, the tenant sent me a letter with two checks enclosed. One check was for the full amount of the rent — $850 — and a second check for $755. She said that she was sending both checks and would "let me decide which one to cash." She said she lost work waiting for the technician to make the repairs.

I believe I did everything I could to effectuate the repairs in a timely manner. The property is in a desert community, and the air conditioning stopped working the first day the temperature hit 90 degrees.

I would never want anyone to have to suffer in the heat; however, this is a woman who is quite helpless and calls me with every inconsequential thing imaginable. I do not want to set a precedent with her in allowing her to deduct money from her rent.