5 steps to a healthy relationship with money

Book Review: 'The Wealth Cure: Putting Money in its Place'

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Book Review Title: "The Wealth Cure: Putting Money in its Place" Author: Hill Harper Publisher: Gotham Books, 2011; 288 pages; $26 Overwhelming: that's the most frequently descriptor I'm hearing readers and acquaintances use about their personal financial lives these days. Many are still un- or under-employed; others are still reeling from having lost or short-selling a home; others are still tussling with their mortgage servicers in an effort to get an elusive loan modification that actually lowers their principal balance or their monthly payment, or both; and still others are trying to get out of debt, start saving or otherwise position themselves to survive after having gone from a longtime salaried position to a thriving (but seemingly less secure) series of freelance gigs. And many of those who aren't in the midst of a financial crisis are in the midst of an existential one, grasping desperately at balance, happiness and fulfillment in a world (and an ...