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Real estate is not about ‘billions served’

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I still remember the McDonald's signs. They were what you might call fast-food scouting reports for one company. In my younger days, the signs told me that over 100 million hamburgers had been sold. When the menu expanded and the product offering took on more of a team concept, the signs were modified. "Over (fill in the blank) Billion Served," was the new message. And when the number reached three-digits and could no longer be accommodated by the signs, they simply changed the message again. "Billions served." Did it make an impression? I suppose. Billions, even millions, sounds like a lot of all-beef patties, any way you dress it. It confirmed what I already held to be true back then: McDonald's is the bomb. But did I, the consumer, ask for -- and demand -- the supporting data? Was I even entitled to the data, let alone an independent audit? And what about Burger King? Shouldn't I have access to its production numbers so that I might make an informed d...