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Top 10 hottest neighborhoods for real estate searches

Zillow: Portland, Seattle home to half of hotspots

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Nataliia Natykach /Shutterstock Four of the five most popular U.S. neighborhoods are in Portland, Ore., and Seattle, based on for-sale real estate searches at in September.  Zillow reported that homes in Portland's Hillside neighborhood were more frequently searched than homes in any other U.S. neighborhood tracked by Zillow during that month. Zillow has created a database of thousands of neighborhood boundaries for the largest U.S. cities.The neighborhoods on this list tended toward the high end. All had Zillow Home Value Index values above those posted for their city as a whole in August. Seven out of the 10 neighborhoods had index values more than twice their city's overall index value.The two Atlanta neighborhoods on this list, Tuxedo Park and Chastain Park, showed the biggest value differences between the neighborhoods and the city as a whole. While Atlanta's overall index value stood at $119,800 in August, these two neighborhoods had index values o...