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How to work through those multiple personality issues

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There exist in the world four basic personality types. I expect all Realtors know this because our brokers hire expensive speakers to tell us whether we are "Labrador retrievers" or "tigers," so we then can identify our clients as "owls" or "Guinea fowl." Each client of ours has a unique way of looking at the world, and we, as amateur sleuths, must jump into step with the client and speak the right "language" to make a sale. Have enough clients and you start to feel like Cybil, sifting through your multiple personalities six or seven times before dinner. The point to all this personality swapping is supposed to be clear and considerate communication, in order that you might -- with educated delicacy -- inform your clients the best way in which to sell their homes. Usually, they question each and every suggestion. "So, you're saying I have to pack away my porcelain doll collection? Everyone loves Victorian dolls! They're ...