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International site showcases U.S. listings to foreign buyers, carries foreign listings

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Take a deep real estate technology dive, Aug 7, 2017 operator Move Inc. says a new version of the listing portal that's targeted at international buyers will help brokers and agents grab a piece of an estimated $82 billion in annual sales of U.S. residential properties to foreign buyers.In development for a year, International launched today with 4.4 million listings and translation capabilities in 11 languages, including "double byte" character languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean that can pose challenges for programmers.Like other listing portals aimed at the jet set, International provides other tools designed to make foreign buyers feel more at home, converting property dimensions from square feet into square meters and list prices from U.S. dollars into widely used currencies such as the euro and yuan.Thanks to its ties to the National Association of Realtors -- Move operates the website under the terms of an agreement with NAR -- has nearly total coverage of the U....