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'I now own a house, lock, stock and barrel, because I bought bitcoin,' said Cramer. 'I don’t know, I think I won!' But not everyone agrees
Apr 16
The shortage of new homes is pushing up housing prices and threatening to slow down the entire economy, according to a report by Freddie Mac's chief economist
Apr 15
Mortgage brokers claimed more than 20 percent of market share for the first time in over a decade this January, and these companies are leading the charge
Apr 13
After throwing in the towel on a $2.7 billion merger, Genworth Financial is considering spinning off its mortgage insurance division
Apr 13
Mortgage Bankers Association says lenders have been gearing up for changes, and new standards will actually increase access to credit
Apr 13
With its acquisition of Unify, Propertybase is in a position to facilitate referrals between real estate brokers and lenders
Apr 9
Upward pressure on rates still expected in the long term
Apr 1
A new program gives originators better visibility into how lender fees will be presented to borrowers
Mar 31