Matt's Stories
Conditions are ripe for broker and agent websites to up their game
Competition, standardization make it easier to provide data consumers demand
Apr 3
This cloud-based brokerage is in 70 markets and just turned a profit
EXp International has agents in 30 states
Mar 31
Tesla's home batteries could fuel 'off the grid' real estate boom
Carmaker said to be months away from mass-producing home batteries
Mar 31
Add Birmingham to the list of cities where investors can buy and manage homes remotely
HomeUnion now helping investors buy rentals in 10 markets
Mar 31
Allegations of kickbacks to condo buyers come back to haunt ex-Florida Realtor
Lenders who lost millions were never told about incentives to buyers
Mar 30
MailChimp competitor offers email marketing templates tailored for real estate
Mailify templates employ responsive design, can be updated quickly with new listings
Mar 27
Freddie Mac vet tapped to lead FHA
Ed Golding has been top HUD adviser on housing finance reform
Mar 26
Survey finds it's often up to Realtors to clue millennials in to closing costs
Two-thirds of 18- to 34-year-old buyers aren't factoring in costs that could derail deals
Mar 25