4 ways to avoid refinance rejection

What you should know about lender 'overlays,' debt ratios

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"My application to refinance my $200,000 loan was recently turned down ... do I have any recourse?" If by recourse you mean a third party of some standing who will direct the lender to make the loan, or attempt to persuade them to do it, the answer is "no." No third party is going to reunderwrite the loan to see if the lender made a mistake. Such mistakes are very rare because lenders make money only on loans they close; they lose money on loans they reject. Reapplying with another lender It is possible but unlikely that another lender would approve your loan. Virtually all $200,000 loans are either sold to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, and therefore subject to the underwriting rules of those agencies; or insured by FHA and subject to its underwriting rules.Some lenders place "overlays" on top of these rules, which are more restrictive than those of the agencies. It is possible that your loan met agency requirements but was tripped up by a more r...