3 steps to seize opportunities in any economy

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Book Review Title: "Up, Down, or Sideways: How to Succeed When Times Are Good, Bad or In Between" Author: Mark Sanborn Publisher: Tyndale, 2011; 192 pages; $15.99 In much of my work life, I work at the intersection of the real estate industry and the tech industry. Some days, it feels like I live in a bizarre nether-universe wedged between these two very different worlds and economic sectors. Real estate, obviously, is in the deep, deep midst of a very long market correction, to put it euphemistically. And I see and know and hear about and experience that on a human level, as I receive emails from people losing their jobs who struggle to keep their homes (some successfully, others not), and see class-act professionals leaving the business. Against this backdrop of economic upset, though, the tech industry has bloomed. I know many companies flush with cash from recent IPOs desperate to hire engineers. Downtown San Francisco, where I work, is bustling with new...