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Cling to traditions at your own risk

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It's tradition. OK, whatever.I'm talking turkey, of course. I will go out on a limb and bet that most of us are going to be eating turkey this week. I will also be so bold as to suggest most of us aren't really fans of the big bird.Face it. Turkey isn't all that great. It's a dry, rather bland meat. And it doesn't matter how you baste it, soak it, broil it, or deep-fry the darn thing, it's still a turkey. Which is precisely why God invented green bean casserole -- so we don't all starve to death on Thanksgiving.Why do we continue to eat the stuff, then? If memory serves me, the tradition of eating turkey in November is a big shout-out to that first Thanksgiving. You know, the one where all the pilgrims and the friendly Native Americans (who would only later find out they had no title insurance) drove their Belvederes to Plymouth Rock to grab a bite to eat. As it turned out, filet mignon and free-range lasagna were not readily available; alas, turkey was.It's that simple. Plus, it turns...