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3 ways to win ‘life change’ clients

Seniors, first-time buyers and divorcees all have unique needs

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While lifestyle marketing was a hot new trend in 2011, life-change marketing is the hot new trend for 2012. If you're ready to generate more leads from your marketing efforts, addressing these two trends is critical to your success. Life changes have always been a major factor that influences when people move. Marriages, divorces, job transfers, births and deaths are almost always triggers for a shift in where and how people live.In fact, marketing expert Peter Knight cited a statistic in his recent session at the National Association of Realtors' Conference & Expo that showed that 61 percent of the moves taking place today are tied to life-change events. The challenge is knowing how to tie the emerging field of lifestyle marketing with life events. Here are three ways to do it. 1. Starting a new life? To marry the theme of "starting a new life" with a life-change event, you could use a number of different approaches. For example, if you are targeting boome...