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Startup Scene: The ABC Tool

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If homeownership has become synonymous with the American dream, why does the real estate process sometimes seem like a nightmare for both agents and consumers? Whether you're an agent, broker or loan officer, chances are that at some point you've felt frustrated or disappointed by a real estate transaction that didn't go the way it was supposed to. And you're a trained professional. Imagine how it must feel for a homebuyer who is more emotionally and financially invested in a property. The stress of undertaking one of the biggest purchases of their lives can make even the most laidback homebuyers feel like "normal" roadblocks are insurmountable and their agent is out to get them. And even when a transaction goes smoothly, agents must juggle being responsive to their buyers' needs and expectations -- which can change from day to day -- while trying to coordinate all of the details and negotiate the best deal for their clients. ABC Tools screenshot.Having experien...