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With the right mindset, 2012 can be your best year ever

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What does it take to have your best year ever even when the market continues to be tough? Here are two simple strategies you can implement now to make 2012 your most profitable year ever.1. Reset your mindsetThe No. 1 influence on your success is your mindset. Daniel Amen in his book, "Making a Good Brain Great," identifies what he calls "ANTs," which stands for automatic negative thoughts. Everyone has these thoughts that can keep us stuck rather than moving forward.What's fascinating about Amen's research is that when he did brain scans on optimistic people who were thinking negative thoughts, their brain scans resembled those of people suffering from schizophrenia. Amen likened this effect to having an "ANT" invasion in your brain.What can you do to limit the damage from ANTs? Amen suggests that you write them down as a way of looking at them objectively. Many ANTs are silly or irrational. By writing them down, you can sort out what merits your attentio...