5 faces of real estate dealmaking: from ‘Drama Queen’ to ‘No-gotiator’

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I was one of those kids who was mortally embarrassed by my parents. (I later realized that their fashion choices were not bizarre -- they were just '70s chic held over a tad bit too long.) My mother seemed always to gravitate to the yellow 'sale' signs on top of retail racks -- which seemed horrifying back then.And my Dad? Horror of horrors, he tried to negotiate everything -- and I mean every single thing. He would actually bargain for things like TVs and computers at stores like Sears, and I would grow hot with embarrassment, detouring into what we'd now call the "tween" section, hoping no one would know we were related. Fast forward 10 or 15 years, and you'd find me, at an appliance outlet, getting my washer and dryer for 50 percent off because the front windows had been scratched, and negotiating for them to order and install new windows before delivering the machines to me. Or maybe you'd find me shopping my favorite consignment stores (where I still negotiat...