10 tips for a perfect closet remodel

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Q: My husband and I have a house that was built in the 1950s. One of the little remodeling jobs that was done by a previous owner was to turn two built-in recessed cabinets that were on top of each other into a closet. Unfortunately, he just cut off the horizontal strip of wood that divided the lower and upper cabinets and took out the shelf. He then put in five shelves. For three of the shelves he used two pieces of wood for support on the left and right side. For two other shelves, he used two different-size pieces of wood for side supports. For back support, the same type of wood was used, only it doesn't reach all the way across the length of the shelves. The paint in the closet is peeling, so we need to repaint. I think this would be a good time to make everything more uniform. Is just using 1-by-2-inch strips for side support on all the shelves strong enough? Is using brackets an option? A: Sounds to us as if the "remuddler" used whatever wood that was on h...