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This week I received a call from a gentleman requesting a little volunteer work on my part. These calls are not uncommon. They usually involve a request for a market analysis to support a property tax appeal, and we are happy to help. We help as a matter of goodwill -- what you might call "business development" -- with the hope that they will remember us if they ever do need to buy or sell a home. My caller explained that he was going through a divorce and that he needed a market analysis in order to establish a buyout price for his spouse. Of course, I obliged. The effort cost me a couple hours of my time, and I didn't see it as a charitable contribution so much as an investment in my business. His response, however, surprised me. "You've been so helpful and responsive. Thank you so much! Now I'm going to ask to totally impose, again. Would I be able to talk to you or perhaps an associate to see the (homes) currently listed? I feel it's crucial to get a hand...