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Book Review: 'Staying Put: Remodel Your House to Get the Home You Want'

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Book Review Title: "Staying Put: Remodel Your House to Get the Home You Want" Author: Duo Dickinson Publisher: The Taunton Press, 2011; 272 pages; $24.95 The other day, I said the phrase "doggie bag" and my teenage son looked at me like I was nuts. He had no idea what I meant! These days, in restaurants, we're offered a box to take our food home in.But when I was a kid, waitstaff would proffer a doggie bag, the implication being that the leftovers would make for a special treat of a meal for your family's four-legged friends. Fast-forward a couple of decades, and two realizations -- that restaurant portions are at least double what a human should eat at a sitting, and that human food is terrible for dogs -- have put the phrase out of business. Similarly, the subprime mortgage meltdown and the resulting housing and job market recessions have put the kibosh on that life cycle of American homeownership that went like this: Buy a house, sell it for goo...