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Hot swimsuit model offers real estate marketing lesson

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Real estate advertising can be a bit predictable: house photo, a Realtor headshot, company info, witty tag line. But I'm newly inspired. I'm going to shake things up a bit and really get this market rolling! After reading about Ford Motor Co.'s ingenious new advertising campaign for the 2013 Mustang, I am going to applaud the marketing wizard who totally nailed the car's demographic ... and then blatantly steal the idea. Have you heard about what Ford did? The latest annual edition of the widely circulated Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition has hit the newsstands. Unsurprisingly, it is filled with scantily clad "robots" -- er -- women (I'm pretty sure they are real, but I've never actually seen one in its natural habitat) posing on tropical beaches, sandy surf, and on top of luxurious rock outcroppings. They really are something. Well, in between photos of the bathing beauties, Ford inserted an advertisement that I hope everyone takes note of: a shiny blue 2013...