3 ways to turn your ‘quirks’ into strengths

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Book Review Title: "Better Than Normal: How What Makes You Different Can Make You Exceptional" Author: Dr. Dale Archer Publisher: Crown Archetype, 2012: 256 pages; $25 Recently, I asked some people in my circle what they most want to change in their lives. One young real estate agent expressed the following: "I tend to think people see me as weak when I am strong, dumb when I am smart, hard when I am soft (or vice versa). I find myself thinking that people see me as a 'little girl' in the big world of business, so I fear I am not always taken seriously." We had a one-on-one exchange in which we talked about our respective experiences with the temptation to act like someone or something else in an effort to be taken more seriously. I'd certainly gone through that as a very young attorney and real estate broker. And part of what I told her was this: "Acting older got me taken seriously, when I was very young. But once I was, I gradually began to ...